Five Summer Songs

Mezzo-soprano and Chamber Ensemble
Harp, piano (doubling celesta), percussion (one player), and strings

Five songs on poems of Emily Dickinson. Arrangement of the 1972 songs for medium voice and piano (ECS Publishing #161). The poems included are New Feet Within My Garden Go, South Winds Jostle Them, I Know a Place, To Make a Prairie, and The One That Could Repeat the Summer Day.

This arrangement was commissioned by the Cleveland Chamber Symphony.

Also available for Mezzo-soprano with piano accompaniment (E. C. Schirmer Music Company, Catalog No. 0161).

American Music CD cover Five Summer Songs is available on American Music for Flute, Voice, and Strings, a CD collection of American music by various composers. Performed by soprano Carole Wilson. On Albany Records, Troy 519.

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  1. New Feet Within My Garden Go
  2. South Winds Jostle Them
  3. I Know a Place Where Summer Strives
  4. To Make a Prairie
  5. The One That Could Repeat the Summer Day
Composed: 1993
Duration: 6:00
Publisher: E. C. Schirmer Music Company
Catalog Number(s): Piano/Vocal Score, 4836
Full score and parts on rental.


Rec. lyric medium voice (b-f#2); 12:00; titles are: New Feet Within My Garden Go; South Winds Jostle Them; I Know a Place; To Make a Prairie; The One That Could Repeat the Summer Day; best kept as a set; excellent variety of mood and color; atonal, but with a strong feeling of tonality throughout; gentle dissonances; not difficult for the voice, but the colorful piano writing is intricate and requires dexterity; elegant, lyrical, compelling songs.

A Singer’s Guide to the American Art Song 1870-1980
by Victoria Etnier Villamil (The Scarecrow Press, Inc., Metuchen, NJ & London, 1993)

]Perera’s thoroughly pleasing and admirably written set of songs would grace any singer’s repertory. The unadorned style and clarity of the musical language make the set an attractive proposition for a beginner to the field. The “Five Summer Songs” could be put with other Emily Dickinson settings. They would not seem out of place in a traditional recital programme because of their unpretentious and direct appeal. The set would form a good foil for late Romantic lieder with more exotic textures.

New Vocal Repertory
by Jane Manning (Taplinger, 1987)

With detailed instructions for both the singer and accompanist these songs are wonderful for an accomplished, artistic, sensitive singer.

NATS Bulletin 5/78

Five Summer Songs


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