Shakespeare Songs

High Voice and Piano


  1. Take, O take those lips away
  2. Hark, hark! The lark
  3. Full fathom five
  4. Where the bee sucks
  5. O mistress mine
Composed: 1985
Duration: 8:00
Publisher: Pear Tree Press Music Publishing distributed by Subito Music
Catalog Number(s): PTM 131


Perera has set five familiar Shakespearean song texts: “Take, O take those lips away;” “Hark, hark! the lark;” “Full fathom five;” “Where the bee sucks;” and “O mistress mine.” The settings are vivid and varied, yet simple in expression. Perera has successfully assimilated elements of the new neo-romantic style into his own expressive, eclectic style. The marriage of styles seems natural and inevitable.

Daily News, Springfield (MA) 3/3/87

The Perera songs are effectively written for the voice and piano and cover a number of styles; the most appealing were the first, in which an earlier setting of “Take, O take those lips away” melts into something more contemporary and the fourth, “Where the bee sucks,” set in a lively, jazzy way.

Boston Globe 6/3/87