||, SATB, SSA|Three Love Lyrics

Three Love Lyrics

SA, SA, SATB (three choir version); SATB; SSAA with Six trumpets, two trombones (three choir version) or keyboard only (SATB and SSAA versions)

Commissioned by Five Colleges, Inc. for the 2000 Five College Choral Festival. It is available in several versions, including for three choirs (SA, SA, and SATB) and brass ensemble, for SSAA chorus and keyboard, and for SATB chorus and keyboard. The text is from The Song of Solomon.

1. Behold, thou art fair
2. Rise up, my love
3. Set me as a seal

Composed: 1999
Duration: 5:00
Publisher: Pear Tree Press Music Publishing distributed by Subito Music
Catalog Number(s): Three Choirs (SA, SA, SATB) Version Choral Score, PMT 441
Brass Ensemble Parts, PMT 441A
SATB Chorus and Keyboard Version, PMT 442
SSAA Chorus and Keyboard Version, PMT 443